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(Infrastructures Asset Management | High-Touch Solutions)

(Infrastructures Asset Management | High-Touch Solutions)​ I-AM deals specifically with large infrastructures and plants. It is focused on the best structural monitoring techniques and technologies for the surveillance of assets and proposes management solutions for the safe maintenance of plants, starting with the phases of digital engineering conception and construction – integrating its own resources and technical, technological and engineering expertise with ICT/ Digital technologies that can be used and activated through the Sister Companies of the Altea Federation Group. ​

Aware of the emerging needs for digital transformation of the Engineering & Construction sector (E&C), Altea Federation has dedicated a Company in this area which constitutes a presidium of specific vertical skillsin Asset Life Cycle Management & Extension, high engineering services and their application and integration to the most advanced enabling digital techniques, such as Asset Management, BIM (Building Information Modeling), IoT, Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning, Image Detection), in order to support the significant needs to improve the safety conditions of plants and strategic infrastructures for our country, proposing a new approach to the management of assets aimed at risk prediction. ​

Thanks to the plurality of experiences, disciplines and technologies mastered by I-am and the Sister Companies of the Altea Federation Group, the proposed competence is transversal and adaptable to different needs, tools, solutions and specific characteristics and technologies already used by the Customer Organization.​

Altea Federation Galaxy:


It holds the role of administrative management and control for all the companies of the federation. It offers legal, communication and human resource development services. It supports federated companies and customers in the analysis, use and management of financing and incentives.​


It collects the experience of professionals in management consulting. It develops innovation and digital transformation projects. It enables the convergence of business and technology.​

altea in

It boasts in-depth knowledge of the Infor and TeamSystem platforms, offering solutions and services to support companies in their growth and evolution projects, for individual areas and/or integrated processes.


It supports the growth and competitiveness of companies by accompanying them in their digital transformation path by proposing a portfolio of offer that embraces all Microsoft technological and application solutions.

altea up

SAP Gold Partner Company and Intelligent Enterprise Ambassador who accompanies its customers in the digital transformation path towards the Intelligent Enterprise. An end-to-end journey through innovative technologies and solutions with the aim of optimizing business processes and bringing value to the company.


It deals with Cloud, Big, Smart & Exponential Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence platforms. It employs a team of ICT professionals and experts who make the human-tech combination their added value.

famas system

It designs and develops hardware and software technologies for the control of mobility, traffic, meteorology and road safety. ​

montaldo engineering

It has been offering for over 50 years engineering services for companies and businesses in the sectors of infrastructure, energy, cultural heritage management and industry. Montaldo Engineering is a leader in the design of residential and commercial buildings, maritime works, systems for power plants, oil and gas distribution platforms, as well as industrial and logistic complexes.

How to create the diagnostic frame of the Italian territorial risk?

Numerous studies specify that the average age of Italian infrastructures is 50-60 years, a relatively old park of works that has not seen homogeneous maintenance. Most of these are built in reinforced concrete, a material that has little more than a century of life and which does not have a history of accidents such as to guarantee certain predictions on the possible consequences of its aging. The picture is further complicated if we consider the intensification, in recent years, of meteorological agents and climate-altering gases (greenhouse gases), from which the materials used suffer most, and the particular and complex situation of the national territory from the seismic and hydrogeological point of view.

The I-am approach, by enabling a frame of tools, technologies, monitoring and prediction processes around an infrastructure, is configured as a possible diagnostic frame of the risk related to the territories served – placing through the connection potentials to date almost unlimited offered from the IoT approach – its own risk signals available to men – in a logic of better risk awareness and self-protection compared to the traditional approach referable to emergency type protection procedures.​

DOMENICO ANDREIS, CEO & General Manager of I-am

Domenico Andreis is CEO & General Manager of I-am.

Graduated in Naval and Mechanical Engineering, he has built up his expertise in over 20 years dedicated to the world of engineering and compliance, both as director of the “Registro Navale Italiano” and within multinationals in the Engineering & Construction sector.

National expert in infrastructure monitoring and Asset Management, thanks to the deep knowledge of the E&C sector and the Italian infrastructure system, Andreis has been able to direct innovative ideas and insights from the market in the distinctive I-am offering, which combines engineering knowledge with technological know-how widespread within the Altea Federation network of companies.​”