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Emerging technologies and engineering knowledge

For the safety of complex systems and infrastructures

The I-am’s Value Proposition combines emerging technologies (BIM, Asset Management, IoT, Data Lake, Artificial Intelligence) and engineering knowledge, to improve the safety of complex plants and infrastructures, combining the contribution of the most advanced Asset Management platforms to that of deep and vertical engineering skills.

Engineering is the essential element to guide and enable the new digital tools in the generation of the value for which they were conceived. Fundamental discipline for filtering and defining the technical and monitoring parameters of each complex production or infrastructural system, selecting and organizing the relevant data from a technical point of view and supporting its correct reading. ​

I-AM supports its customers

In achieving multiple business objectives

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Risk mitigation (prevention) and increase in safety levels
  • Sustainability of resources and energy efficiency

  • Increase in productivity and investment planning

  • Reduction of defects and guarantee of Business Continuity

  • Optimization of costs and reduction of unforeseen interventions

  • Asset Life Extension and increase in asset reliability

  • Regulatory compliance and quick and efficient access to documentation