Facility, property and maintenance operators


Managing assets under administration in a structured and improving manner

Achieving business continuity, increased performance, asset preservation, and regulatory compliance to provide a service with a high-quality standard.

The Operators who carry out their activities in the areas of Facility, Property and Maintenance management deal with the management – on behalf of the Owner – of large and complex assets consisting of often heterogeneous structures, the maintenance of buildings and related systems and services, such as electrical and thermo-hydraulic systems, lighting and air conditioning systems, cleaning services, company catering, concierge, gardening, company fleet, surveillance, management of spaces and their operation and productivity according to the specific intended use, and verification of status of assets under administration aimed at increasing the value. ​
  • Guarantee of operation continuity of the managed asset, in compliance with mandatory regulations on hygiene, safety and rational use of energy
  • Management of documentation relating to the building (for example the so-called “building booklet”)
  • Constant monitoring of the state of conservation relating to the conditions of use of a property (essential in the case of historical architectural complexes) and of all related systems and services
  • Simplification of personnel coordination and communication processes between owner, administrator, employees and users
  • Integration of suppliers in the Facility Management process
  • Integration of information from sensors (for example home automation systems) within management systems
  • Efficiency of the management and maintenance costs of assets under administration.

I-am supports Facility Managers, Property Owners, Builders as well as Building Service Providers in guaranteeing continuity of operation and the structural and performance characteristics of the various asset units, facilitating the processes relating to the use and destination of real estate and appurtenant assets, with a view to rapid and functional management, in order to obtain a structured and centralized organization of all possible information relating to the real estate assets, making them immediately accessible, constantly updated, correct and representative of the current state of the assets and above all exploitable for subsequent processing allowing to extract further derived information.

With the aim of configuring advanced asset management, aimed at tracing, locating and analyzing physical assets, tracking work orders, fulfilling the mandatory provisions applicable to urban planning, the environment, safeguarding human life, eliminating maintenance and operational inefficiencies, is added that of theextension of the life cycle of structures and systems, enabling predictive maintenance approaches and conservation of the historical-architectural heritage of buildings.

Furthermore, the optimization of decision-making processes and the timely management of emergencies, the automated and instant communication between the various figures involved, such as the Asset Owner, the Asset Manager and the O&M operators, can determine a significant improvement in operations and profitability, simplifying the processes relating to the activities of suppliers and revision of contracts, the development of planning of the administered assets, with a view to the protection, enhancement, sustainability and energy efficiency, the exploitation of tax opportunities, according to the current legal provisions. ​