Industrial manufacturers


Making industrial production processes more efficient

Conferring meaning and extracting value from acquirable data in order to optimize asset performance and synergies with suppliers​.

In the industrial sector (e.g., automotive, chemical-pharmaceutical, agro-food, machinery), manufacturers and suppliers deal with product design and material selection through production engineering, design and implementation of advanced industrial manufacturing processes specific for each item, and the production and distribution of goods produced through the use of specific labor, machinery, tools and materials. ​
  • Efficiency of the production process and optimization of the performance of machinery and equipment
  • Reduction of maintenance costs and downtime, by identifying in advance anomalies in the operating status of machinery and probable failure events
  • Increase of worker safety levels through effective control of activities carried out in conditions and situations with a high probability of accident or error
  • Enhancement of process data from sensors installed on machinery and equipment. ​

I-am provides an innovative approach for achieving maintenance time optimization and cost reduction actions through predictive analysis processes of functional risks related to plants, machinery and equipment, highlighting correlations and relevant trends between data (historical and realtime), identifying cause-effect relationships, providing accurate forecasts of potentially verifiable events that make it possible to reduce the number of failures, the search time for them, the number of unnecessary maintenance activities, the quantities of materials and elements to be replaced, stocks in the warehouse.

The improvement of the connectivity of the assets, with the measurement of relevant parameters and the acquisition of complex data coming from sensors or transmitted directly from the producers, the enhancement of the ability to analyze internal information enriched with complementary external data sources, allow a rapid decision-making process, targeted and effective and the constant monitoring of the plants.

The services offered by I-am enable theincrease in quality and operational safety, raising the reliability standards of industrial assets, indirectly controlling production quality through constant monitoring of the functional performance of company machines and equipment, deepening and extending visibility regarding supplier activities and reducing extraordinary or emergency maintenance interventions and production activities characterized by a high risk of accident or error. ​