RAB Concessionaires


Pursuing operational and managerial excellence

Solution approaches and effective decision-making processes to govern large and complex sets of assets​.

Managers operating in regulated businesses mainly deal with the operation and management of electricity transmission, distribution and metering services, water services (aqueduct, sewerage and purification), environmental services (waste collection and disposal), transport, distribution, storage and regasification services of hydrocarbons and georesources, operational and maintenance services of the highway and railway network. ​

  • Efficiency of service management and quality improvement
  • Prediction and minimization of risks
  • Business continuity guarantee
  • Up-to-date and immediate knowledge of the state of its network and plant systems
  • Orientation of investment spending
  • Optimization of maintenance
  • Optimization of the decision-making process
  • Digitalisation of management processes (for example, adaptation to BIM legislation)
  • Energy efficiency, sustainability and resilience at an economic, technological, financial and environmental level.

I-am supports RAB Concessionaires in achieving process excellence: the use of data-based solutions and operations and the availability of efficient analysis and processing allow the rapid execution of decision-making processes, the reduction of errors and non-conformities.

The use of integrated systems, the improvement of communication and the exchange of information between company departments and the possibility of optimizing resource planning, can lead to an increase in productivity and staff efficiency in general.

The services offered by I-am enable predictive maintenance approaches through which to minimize service interruptions due to breakdowns and extend the useful life of infrastructures, reducing energy and maintenance costs and ensuring more efficient investment management.