Flagship Services Concept​


Flagship Projects

Shaping the digital future of the Engineering & Construction sector in our country ​

I-am has given life to multiple initiatives aimed at facing the main technical and technological challenges that the major players in the E&C sector are facing, by promoting innovation and digital transformation and a new approach to asset management, aimed at risk prediction, guaranteeing business continuity and safeguarding human life.

The flagship projects refer to ongoing projects and proposals referring to emerging issues. They represent I-am’s pioneering perspective aimed at paving the way for a plurality of themes that make up its value proposition and the ambition of its customers. ​

These project initiatives, with long-term scenarios and applicable on a large scale, address the most challenging current issues and problems and provide a revolutionary solution approach, whose result can bring benefits to the relatively small company perimeter as well as to high-level objectives, strengthening the national leadership in technology and industry. ​

Electricity Grid Asset Criticality Recognition

Road Tunnel Defects Recognition from Images

Asset Management of the Integrated Water Service

Asset Management used on Construction Sites

Diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance of Heavy Lifts

Predictive Maintenance of Public Lighting Service Assets ​

DL and Continuous Improvement of Energy Infrastructure Quality

Static Monitoring for the Realization of a Microtunnel

Workforce Management Innovation in the Business Network

Assessment Processes for BIM Compliance

Asset Management and their Performance

Assessment of District Heating Service Processes

Management of the Inspection Process and Acquired Data

Innovative Service Concept for Digital Twin, BIM & EAM

Mobility Platform Configuration for the Asset Lifecycle Management

Predictive Monitoring of the LNG Propulsion System

Tunnel Safety Monitoring and Management