Digital Twin


Digital replica of the physical asset

Improving the business model relating to the management of all phases of the life cycle of an asset: from Engineering & Construction to Operation & Maintenance, up to the Remediation phases​.

The Digital Twin (in essence, digital mirror) of an infrastructure can be considered as a digital replica of the physical asset (a product, a machine, an infrastructure, a plant), which contains and uses the data that the asset collects during its operation by transmitting and receiving technical, technological, geometric, performance and management metadata between the physical reality and the digital sphere. It supports a substantial change in the Engineering & Construction sector, revolutionizing the way the infrastructure cycle is managed, helping to achieve operational excellence. ​

The Digital Twin Concept proposed by I-am provides an ecosystem of new disciplines and digital and technological solutions integrated in a comprehensive end-to-end solution oriented towards a perspective of continuous improvement in the design, construction and performance areas relating to the asset and predictive and preventive aspects in the areas of management, risk and the protection of human life – as well as support for the optimization of the business model.

Taking into account the current harmonized global best practices applied to the entire asset life cycle, the disciplines and digital solutions listed below – as a whole and through their integration – constitute our Digital Twin Concept:​ a


The integration of information, both technical and business, relating to the processes of the asset life cycle, therefore allows to monitor the status of the asset, track the events that have occurred on it and predict what may happen in the future. ​

The main benefits of a Digital Twin:​